Florida DJ Festival

If you want to experience a true DJ Festival, Florida is the place to go. 3 days in company with some of the best DJ's in the world. Hurry up, tickets for this venue are selling fast.

Ibiza Lounge Party

A small gig in luxury settings. Only a few tickets will be sold, expensive but one hot gig for sure.

Bingo Beats

Charity event at the Bali Bingo Hall where I DJ for the local bingo players. A fun, but different show. Limited tickets, so hurry up. Due to the popularity of this gig, we have a second session on the 14th of August.

Bingo Beats Part 2

See "Bingo Beats" for more information.

Bali Beauty Show

Can't wait to host and DJ at this event. The most beautiful people of Bali competing to win the annual beauty contest. Chill beats, beach and drinks - win win!

Epic Electronic

Back to the old school sound of DJ'ing. I will be teaming up with some of my all time favorite DJ's and delivering a party like never before. Names will be announced soon.

How it Works

All CableCreation warranties are synced with our server, therefore there is no need to register your product. This page is for you to reach out to us when you have issues with your product or to quickly help resolve any problem you’re experiencing. We apologize in advance for whatever inconvenience your CableCreation purchase may have caused.

Please note this Warranty proccesor is for for all online-sales including, CableCreation and other stores on sites such as Amazon, eBay, AliExpress & more. For all offline purchases, please contact the point of purchase although you can still write to us in case you have trouble with our authorized selling outlets.
If your product turns out to have a defect during its warranty period, please contact us via the feedback form below and let us know what we can do to help you. It may save you time to first troubleshoot issues by going to our FAQ page or looking at Instruction Manuals or contacting our tehcnical support team before filing a warranty claim.

The Information required in order to process warranty:-
● Buyer must provide sufficient proof of purchase, such as Order ID / Order number
● We may ask for additional documents or supporting information.
● It may be necessary to return an item for quality inspection

Warranty Policy

CableCreation provides exceptional warranty period of 24-months on all of it's products incase of any quality-related issues, thus you are never at loss.
30-day money-back guarantee if you are unhappy with the purchase, you can return and get a refund.
● Returns must include all accessories.
● Items must include original packaging.
● Buyer is responsible for shipping cost for non-quality related warranty claims.
● Product and packaging should be in an inaccumulate condition.

Shipping costs must be covered by buyer in the following situations:
● Returning products for any other reason other than a quality defect.
● Warranty claims on items purchased outside the original country of purchase.


Warranty Voids:

● If the products is without order number/receipt or insufficient proof of purchase.
● If the product has passed it's warranty period.
● If damaged from misuse or abuse.
● If non quality-related issues.

This limited warranty provided by the manufacturer in no way affects a potential statutory warranty provided by law.

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High speed USB

Theoretical speedup to 480Mbps (practical speedup to 35/40MB/s)

Superspeed USB

Ttheoretical speed up to 5Gps(practical speedup to 300MB/s)

Formerly know as"USB 3.0" Superspeed USB

Ttheoretical speed up to 5Gps(practical speedup to 300MB/s)

Next-generation USB specification Superspeed USB

Theoretical speed of 10Gbps(or1.2GB/s)

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CableCreation is a fast-paced progressive company, a global supplier of power, data, control and instrument cables, focused on specializing in the art of designing & manufacturing cables and cords of high-grade quality and better connectivity. We invision to surpass the standards of the industry, with the state of the art manufacturing capability and an experienced team of engineers, we are capable of providing time-saving & cost-effective tailored solutions at both commercial and consumer level, and all that with favorable prices while maintaining the top-notch quality. We aim to provide innovative solutions that make a real impact on a wide range of consumer electronics, from gold plated USB cables to kevlar fiber braided video cables, but not limited to adapters,dongles and accessories. Our product range is continously improving and expanding, and we thrive to sustain it to enhance your digital life.

CableCreation is committed to establishing a mutually beneficial relationship with stakeholders and achieve win-win. Moreover, we are cognizant of our responsibilities, not just to our stakeholders but also to our community and the environment, thus we propose to create a green working environment that is both safe and fair, ultimately minimizing the impact on our surroundings. After all, most crucial is the planet Earth, if it wasn't for it, then humans wouldn't have made it so far.
We believe in Supporting communities in which we have presence.


We provide
Quality Assurance
Cable compliance testing +
Regulatory Compliance

We offer
30-day money-back guarantee if you are unhappy with the purchase, you can return and get a refund.
Hassle-free 24 months warranty for any quality-related issues.
Get in touch with our extremely friendly support team for life-Time technical support.
Achieve better connection!
Your one-stop hub for every type of quality cable and cord desirable.

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